Surprising Abruzzo

Surprising Abruzzo

Uncontaminated nature, breathtaking scenery and a land that is full of surprises

The most southern glacier in Europe and the only one on the Apennines is in Abruzzo, called the Calderon on the northern slopes of Mount Corna. A relatively ‘young’ glacier which seemingly is no more than 600 years old, which formed after a long sequence of freezing winters during the 15th century. It was definitely there and of considerable size when Captain Francesco De Marchi first climbed the mountain in August 1573, and described it like a 'valley one mile long and half a mile wide of perpetual snow'.

A glacier in central Italy is one of the many surprises this incredible region has in store, a region that seems to enclose everything lovely that nature has to offer.

Along with its famous beaches, Abruzzo has an extensive mountainous and hilly area with extremely beautiful natural landscapes where the boundless karst plains of the Gran Sasso alternate with the Majella canyon, the dense Laga forests, the pastures,Image waterfalls and caves. It is a particularly fascinating region because it has managed to preserve intact all the natural features of majestic sites like the Gran Sasso or the wild rocky landscapes.

This immense natural treasure is protected by 3 National Parks, 1 Regional Park and a mixture of 38 oases and regional and state reserves.

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