The Abruzzo National Park

The Abruzzo National Park

One of the loveliest areas of Italy for a holiday of pure pleasure

See the royal eagle in flight, the majestic occupant of the highest peaks, is an unforgettable sight to enjoy when you visit the National Park. The entire scenery of this vast nature reserve is amazingly beautiful, with the immense beech forests, valleys, lakes and rivers. A priceless treasure with all the natural features of the Apennine Range.

Besides the famous marsican brown bear (the symbol of the park), you can also see wolves, roe deer, chamois, and in spring a blooming carpet of iris and orchids, with the most beautiful and rare 'Venus’s shoe' which grows in the more concealed corners.

However the park is not just a wonderful sight, it is also a venue for numerous events, teaching activities, excursions with a wide range of facilities, making it the ideal place for a holiday combining the natural beauty of nature with excellent food, relaxing delightful walks through the luxuriant countryside. A true pleasure.

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