One of the loveliest stretches of the Abruzzo coast and a fascinating and interesting town
You have a wonderful view walking along the splendid Eastern Promenade at Ortona, as the town stands on the hillside meaning the gaze can roam undisturbed over the Ortona coast, which stretches for 20 kilometres. To the north there is a wide, sandy beach, which becomes a series of small bays and beaches as you travel south, with the cliffs and promontories directly on the sea. The Trabocchi Coast, which takes its name from the famous fishing constructions, begins here in Ortona. It is a very ancient town, with fascinating testimonies of the past and noteworthy cultural monuments. The churches, lovely old town centre, palazzos, and museums: the list of interesting sites is very long. We should mention the XV century Aragonese Castle, built on a promontory sheer above the sea where it dominates the entire coastline. This impressive construction has resisted the passing of the centuries, the damage caused by the weather and bombings during the last war, and still stands majestically with its high walls and three remaining towers. Ortona is the ideal choice for a holiday, especially if you stay in one of the holiday villages or campsites, where you can fully appreciate all the natural beauty and easily visit the town.


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