A pearl of a village in the heart of the National Park
Since 2010, Opi has been included in the circuit of the Lovelies Italian Villages and the title is well deserved. The village conserves all the features of the long history of this area: the narrow streets, ancient houses and archaeological finds, churches with their period decorations and paintings, the Val Fondillo necropolis. Added to this fascinating time-old atmosphere, well away from the madding crowd, is the natural beauty of the area that is beyond compare. Opi is situated at 1250 meters above sea level, in the heart of the National Park, overlooking a wide valley bordering with Pescasseroli, set among the Apennine Mountains. Given its natural beauty it is a popular tourist resort all year round: there is something for everyone: admiring the colours of the flowers and blossom in the spring, walks and outings in the luxuriant park in the summer, the infinite colours and perfumes of the woods in the autumn, and the ever popular winter sports. Of the many places that deserve mention for their beauty, we should remember the Macchiarvana plateau, loved by cross-country skiing enthusiasts, and Val Fondillo, rich in springs and rare natural beauty, with the Fondillo Caves, the Fairy Cave (Grotta delle Fate) and the Bear Pass (Passo dell’Orso). The best way to fully enjoy all this beauty is to stay in the campsites or holiday villages, where you are able to live much closer to nature.


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