Torino di Sangro

Torino di Sangro

Torino di Sangro boasts one of the loveliest beaches in Abruzzo, a Nature Reserve and a hamlet dating back to the 16th century full of local history
This small town is right in the centre of the Trabocchi Coast, one of the most beautiful and characteristic in the region, but Torino di Sangro is also important for the Lecceta Nature Reserve, which extends for around 175 kilometres along the right-hand bank of the Sangro River. The leccetta, or ilex grove, is a typically Mediterranean wood with mainly ilexes planted. The local fauna is also very interesting with both sedentary and migratory aquatic birds, mammals including fox, deer and boar, and among the reptiles, we must remember the Hermann’s Tortoise, which is the symbol of the reserve. Nature and excursion walks run through the reserve for visitors to discover all the beauty of the reserve, and there is an equipped picnic area to relax in. Torino di Sangro is a very ancient town, and still conserves 16th monuments in the old hamlet like the Church of Saint Salvatore and the Church of the Madonna of Loreto. The Sangro River War Cemetery deserves a visit, where the soldiers rest in eternal peace who fell at the Battle of Sangro during the last world war.


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