Aquila Saffron PDO

Aquila Saffron PDO

Originally from the Navelli plateau, Aquila Saffron is a culinary speciality from the Abruzzo region
This spice has been cultivated since very ancient times and became a source of employment and income for the regional inlands. The first written witness about local saffron dates back to the 13th century. It is still cultivated and harvested manually, which is very brief for about a month from the middle of October. With its typical yellow colour, and distinctive perfume and flavour, saffron is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. In Abruzzo this precious spice is not just used in the classic risotto, but also other typical regional dishes of lamb and fish, in desserts and to enhance cheese. Saffron is sold in powder form or as whole filaments. In 2005 the European Union granted Protected Denomination of Origin status (PDO) to the Aquila Saffron, consolidating its culinary and historic importance, and consecrating its value, biodiversity and unbreakable bond with its land.

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