Brodetto: Abruzzo Soup

Brodetto: Abruzzo Soup

A dish steeped in history and tradition, tied forever to the precious products this land offers
The soup is not a simple dish but an example of how history, identity and the peculiarities of the territory can be summarized and told by the local traditional cuisine. Typical traditional seafood dish, the soup is rooted in fishermen's habits who, at the end of the working day, had to use what is commonly referred to as 'poor fish', less attractive for the market because of the type and size. Given the need to make the most of this type of fish, the fish soup was born, a symbol of Adriatic seafood dishes. The variants of this dish are numerous and diversified along the entire Adriatic coast, even within the same region. The encounter between land and sea, and the usual 'exchange' that occurred between farmers and fishermen, generated the Vasto fish soup, one of the most famous variations of the region, certified with the Quality Mark. This version is characterized by the simple preparation which does not involve frying or the adding broth or vinegar. No less than six varieties of fish are used, usually cooked whole and coming from 'small local fishing'. Mullet, rays, cuttlefish, shrimp, clams, giant goby, walnut, sole .. just to name some of usable fish, all caught in the area between Vasto and Ortona, which come together in a perfect union with some of the local horticultural products such as green peppers, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and tomato. For the latter the 'half-time' is used, an autochthonous tomato from the Vasto territory. The preparation is by gently placing the different types of fish in the pan, one at a time, over a moderate heat, cooking them together with the tomato and peppers. In Abruzzo there are various examples of soup. Just to name a few, the famous soup of Giulianova 'Giuliese', or that of Pescara, which differs from that of Vasto for some details in the preparation and the absence of tomato and blue fish. To taste perhaps contemplating the magnificent coastline of the region, the soup is an extraordinary dish, synthesis and perfect combination of food, tradition and territory.

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