Comfits: the 'sweet' tradition of Sulmona

Comfits: the 'sweet' tradition of Sulmona

A city where comfits are a real attraction!

Sulmona, monumental city of Abruzzo, rich in art and history, is also famous for its exquisite comfits here representing excellence in the international gastronomic field. The comfits, made from pure sugar and Avola almonds, also known as fortune sweets, are tied to Sulmona as one of the most important centres in the world, thanks to the great production, the craftsmanship products and the high-quality standards that are always applied.

Since the fifteenth century, inextricably linked to the traditions of the city, over the years they have also achieved artistic value. Bouquets of flowers, bunches of grapes, dolls and butterflies colour the windows and the streets of the town: magnificent compositions created by hand containing the comfits, which attract and welcome the many visitors who every year come to this picturesque town. Numerous variants are also proposed: chocolate, hazelnut, cinnamon, pistachio, nuts... and different colours, traditionally related to the various anniversaries: white for weddings, first communion and confirmation, blue or pink for baptisms, usually red for graduations and green for engagements.

A long-standing tradition, therefore, which is even told in a museum in the town where you can retrace the history of this typical product. A sweet surprise which is yet another reason to visit the stunning Abruzzo area!

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