The highest tourist caves in Europe: we discover the Cavallone Caves

Situated in the municipalities of Lama dei Peligni and Taranta Peligna at an altitude of 1475 metres above sea level, the majestic Cavallone Caves represent the only caves of speleological interest in the beautiful Maiella National Park.

The exciting tourist route can be reached via a path or via a comfortable cable car, from which it is possible to observe an extraordinary landscape scenery. Rocky cliffs, wild valleys, high-altitude pastures and incredible mountain views characterise the surroundings of the caves, immersed in a natural environment of incredible beauty.

About a kilometre long inside the mountain, the route through the caves proves to be evocative and exciting. Three major halls, tunnels and fascinating environments that house stalactites, stalagmites, crystals and small lakes, capable of arousing strong emotions and conveying the immense force of nature, which through the power of the waters has given life to these incredible cavities inside the mountain.

Also known as Grotta della Figlia di Jorio (Cave of the Daughter of Jorio), thanks to the illustrious visitor Francesco Paolo Michetti, who, inspired by the entrance hall, created the set design for the second act of D'Annunzio's opera, some of the concretions present still bear the names of various characters linked to the famous tragedy.

Visits lasting about an hour take place with a guide and in groups and the temperature inside, which is constant all year round, is 10°. The humidity reaches as high as 90% in some places. So dress comfortably and appropriately and run to visit the Cavallone caves, one of the many natural attractions in Abruzzo... an area that never ceases to excite.

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