Win a holiday – CMT, Stuttgart 2013

Win a holiday – CMT, Stuttgart 2013

Interview with the winners, Mr and Mrs Gröner.

In January 2013 Mr and Mrs Gröner took part in the CMT Holiday Exhibition, at the new Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, and thanks to the competition 'Win a holiday' organized by the Association Abruzzo Promotion, they won a one-week holiday in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

We asked the couple these following questions:

What did you think when you received the news of the award?
We thought: 'It can’t be true, it must be a joke!'. When we realized that it was real, we were very happy because in our whole life we’ve never won anything until today.

In Germany we say that 'pigs bring good luck'. In fact, at the CMT Exhibition in Stuttgart, Mr Giuseppe Delli Compagni, President of the FAITA Federcamping and Abruzzo Promotion Associations, offered us a roast pork sandwich and it brought us good luck.

Why did you decide to spend the one-week holiday, that you won, at the Don Antonio campgrounds?
We decided to stay there because we like the Don Antonio Camping Residence Village.

How many years has Abruzzo been your favorite holiday destination and why do you like this region?
We’ve been coming to Abruzzo since 2001, for twelve years now. The first time we only wanted to visit the region and didn’t think to come again. Most of the guests at the campsite were from Italy and only a few were from abroad, therefore we spoke with our hands and feet, a bit in English and a bit in German. The most interesting thing was to learn how local people lived, especially those of the mainland and of the mountains.

For example, in the province of Teramo we visited Castelli, San Gabriele, Campli, Civitella del Tronto and the Gran Sasso chain; besides Pescara and Città S. Angelo, Chieti , Castel del Monte, Campotosto, the plain of Campo Imperatore with its horses, cows, sheeps and dogs on the road. Every day we discovered something new! Abruzzo satisfies all wishes: walking, riding a bicycle along the seaside, to do excursions to the National Parks and of course to swim.

What do you want to tell to people who don’t know the Abruzzo region?
We would like to tell them to visit it for the uncontaminated nature and for the gentleness of the people. We’d like to tell them to simply come… but not at our place at the Don Antonio campgrounds!

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