The 'Historic Caldoreschi Re-enactment in the year 1450 AD'

The 'Historic Caldoreschi Re-enactment in the year 1450 AD'

In Pacentro, in the province of Aquila, one of the most evocative re-enactments of the entire panorama of Abruzzo

Every year in the week following the August bank holiday (15th August), in Pacentro, a magnificent location in the Majella National Park, there is an important event aimed at rediscovering some historical events that involved the country in medieval times.

The re-enactment is based on events related to Giacomo and Antonio Caldora, rich and powerful lords who acquired great fame throughout Europe. The Caldoreschi were the militias of the Caldora family, who were recruited through a selection based on a barefoot run among stones and brambles.

The success and interest that this event raises is also due to the beauty of Pacentro, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Set on a hill, this village dominates the entire Peligna Valley and presents monuments of the highest quality, evocative and ancient alleyways and the magnificent and imposing Caldera Castle. Standing on the highest point of the village, this fortified structure, which was a fundamental defence and control instrument between the fourteenth and fifteenth century, is among the most interesting in the region, thanks also to the many restorations that can be visited today.

The re-enactment is not based on a single event. In this period the town's streets are alive for six days, taking visitors on a journey between reality and fantasy to long past atmospheres. A continuous series of emotions awaits all those involved and visitors alike, thanks to the many commemorations that are held. Sabbath of witches, prosecuting and burning heretics, fights, duels, dancing damsels, the Templars and pageants attract the public's attention, who can only appreciate the great passion that the participants, dressed in period clothing, express at every performance.

A unique event, therefore, in a unique location, that takes place every summer and is an opportunity for the many guests of the hospitable and beautiful Abruzzo coast to spend a special day, for an exciting experience within one of the National Parks in the region.

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